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Forecast of the global advanced glass market in the next ten years

The acceleration of urbanization has increased the demand for the construction of residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure, and the growing demand for advanced infrastructure and modern buildings is promoting high.

"Carbon neutrality” brings new changes to the supply side of the glass industry

In the high-energy-consuming industry, “carbon neutrality” is expected to bring about total supply control and an increase in the share of dominant companies.According to the calculation of 360 tons of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of 10,000 heavy boxes, China's carbon dioxide emissions from flat glass in 2020 will be about 34 million tons.

Exploring the path of carbon neutrality in the glass industry

The building materials industry is one of the industries with the most important carbon reduction tasks in our country. Accelerating the development of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the building materials industry is of great significance to the realization of our country's “double carbon” goal.

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