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Frosted White


Pure white is opaque;light can get through milky white and you can see shadow with it;.light can get through jade white,but you can see nothing with it.super white is updated over pure white. Jade tint white is better to be laminated with silk;Light can get through jade deep white,but you can see nothing with it,greatly apply for lamp box,partition and bath glass,etc.

Product Description

We are a modern high-tech enterprise with R&D, production and sales of high transparent EVA film for construction engineering safety glass,colored EVA film for decorative glass and other environmental functional film. 

Sunray’s leading products are widely used in building safety glass, decorative safety glass, solar photovoltaic, automotive, municipal engineering, aerospace, chemical industry and other industries, exported to the United States, Italy, Germany, Britain, Japan, Russia, Brazil and other 88 countries.



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